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Korean language education(한국어교육) is not national Korean langauge education(국어교육). Hence Korean langauge(한국어) can be defined to ‘Second language’, ‘Foreign language education’, ‘Heritage language’ and etc. The teaching methods should be delivered accordingly and Korean language educator should prepare the best materials for the lesson to help students who study Korean to achieve their the purpose. therefore no teaching method and studying way is perfect but all these should be kept developing and you should find the best teaching method and studying way for yourself and for your student. Hence do not force any of teaching method or studying way to others in this website.

This site is full of Korean teachers with various teaching experiece. So please do respect each other. don’t slander others for having different ideas but share each others experience only to have better insight as Korean language educator or Korean language learner. 

All the teachimg materials(한국어회화수업/한국어문법수업) on this website is developed by the site owner. Korean langauge teachers are welcomed to use them in their class. Just please share this website and join Korean teachers KAKAO Group chat.

We are paying our best attention to deliver accurate Korean teaching job in Korea and in abroad. However, since this website is not the institute who actually hires Korean langauge teachers, please ask all the questions about the Korean teaching position directly to the institute where they hire Korean language teacher.  Korean teaching jobs recruited by this website will only be deliver to members who have signed to this webite.

All the information we ask when you sign up will be deleted permanentely as soon as you deactive your account. We do not ask any verification when you sign up. However those who sign up as Korean language teacher to explore more in the community should provice information to verify their certificate. However that will also only be used to check whether the Korean certificate is validated and will also be deleted permanentely as soon as you deactivate your account.

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M.Ed. in Teaching Korean language as a foreign language